1. Invest in Early Stages Without Fees
Security Tokens open the door for everyone to invest in promising companies in the early stages.
Prior to security tokens, there were only two ways how investors could get involved in the early stages of investing, either by becoming an accredited investor or by taking part in crowdinvesting where there were two types of fees charged: up to 6% from the whole campaign and 2% from the payout to an investor.
2. New Market
Crowdinvesting made people millionaires in the early stages of its development. STO market is predicted to be worth around $8 trillion by 2024.
3. Invest With More Flexibility
Currently, in the traditional security markets, investors are only able to purchase financial instruments using fiat currency. Security Tokens can be purchased with fiat as well as with cryptocurrency.
4. Investor Protection
The main issue with ICOs and the major issue for the whole crypto market is a lack of regulation, hence no investor protection mechanism is in place.
The case with Security Token Offerings is completely different since security tokens are treated as "Tokenized Securities" by most of the regulators thus same traditional securities laws apply for security tokens. This means that a company that issues security tokens has to fully comply with all applicable securities regulations.

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