We are developing a product designed to streamline the process of capital management for buisness of any scale. We would like to measure the value of our platform to the market. We prepared a small questionnaire to learn the answers that can help us choose the right direction and give you, your colleagues and partners the right solution.
We will not take up more than 10 minutes of your time

The overall time and the number of questions depends on the logic of the answers and is always less than 10 minutes!
The target audience are start-up founders from all over the world

If you own a small or medium-scale company, your answers will help us improve our product!
Your feedback means a lot to us!

If you want to discuss your answers personally or would like to evaluate our product even more - please, feel free to contact us!
All participants get a chance to win the ticket to EU-Startups Summit 2020, that will take place in May in sunny Barcelona!

To get the ticket, please, answer all the questions and leave your email at the end of the survey! We will choose a winner with the randomizer.

Thanks a lot for your time! If you think the research was worth it - please feel free to share the link with the target audience!
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